1:20.3 Scale Brake Beams
OBW-43 Outside Hung Brake Beams                                        R-T-R $9.95 pair.

These brake beams are designed to fit LGB™, Bachmann™ and USA Trains™ freight car trucks. They attach to the bottom of the truck using the same two screws that hold the side frames to the truck bolster.

The brake beam sets are painted in a natural gray color that represents aging wood. You may special order them in black if you want to match unpainted black plastic freight car trucks. The gray colored brake beams can be installed as they come from the package, but we suggest that you paint the brake shoes and the nut/bolt/washer castings a rust color or flat black. The support structure under the truck can also be painted flat black if desired. The brake beam itself should be left the original weathered wood gray color or painted the same color as the car on which it is being installed.

Depending on the wheel sets you use, you may have to install spacer washers on the axle ends to center the wheels and keep their flanges from rubbing against the brake shoes. 

1. The brake beam support structure is manufactured from laser cut plywood.
2. The brake beams are made from laser cut Basswood.
3. The brake shoes and nut/bolt/washer plates are white metal castings.
4. Please add $6.50 for shipping per order. (Covers up to 10 sets - Priority Mail.)
5. California residents add 7.25% state sales tax.
6. This product is 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.