1:20.3 Scale 16' Log Car

LBE-16' Log Car                                                               R-T-R $145.00

This little narrow gauge log car is based on a standard gauge prototype used by the Grasse River Railroad of Conifer, New York. The prototype was designed with two rails installed on the top of the skeleton frame. These rails ran the length of the car and were gauged to carry a Barnhart type log loader. The scale length and width of our narrow gauge models has been reduced to retain the same pleasing proportions that the standard gauge cars possess.

1. All wood parts are made from a hardwood that come from the Mahogany family.
2. The wood parts are distressed and weathered.
3. All metal parts are rusted and weathered.
4. Each car comes complete with rusty log chains and hooks.
5. The model is currently using Saxton Car & Foundry trucks with Sierra Valley metal wheel sets.
6. This car may be ordered with either Kadee™ knuckle couplers or Hartford Products link and pins. Please specify.
7. Each car is numbered in the order that it is produced, or we can number it to your requirements.
8. Please add $10.00 shipping and handling per order. (Covers up to 2 cars - UPS ground.)
9. California residents add 7.25% state sales tax.
10. This product is 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
No longer in production.
Please contact if you have an interest in these cars.