7/8n2 - 9' Side Dump Car
SEC-03  7/8n2 - 9' SIDE DUMP CAR
R-T-R (Link & Pin Couplers) $194.95

This is a model of a type of side dump car used to haul clay for the Stratton Brick Co. located in Macon, Georgia. Although the cars in this operation were three foot narrow gauge, we liked them so much we decided to redesign them to two foot gauge. While we were at it, we added a complete hand brake system that the three foot cars didn't have. All in all, we feel we came up with a very nice looking side dump that can be used to haul ore, clay, or whatever the needs are on your railroad.

This side dump car is typical of the cars used on small industrial narrow gauge railways. This type of car was in use in the early 1900's in Macon, Georgia, as mentioned above, but we have found similar cars that date back to the 1880's in France and in Germany. We don't know that any of these cars are still in operation today. This car was designed using known railroad practices and construction techniques, rather than an exact prototype.

1. This car is built up using distressed and weathered hardwoods.
2. The dump bed is fully operational.
3. All metal parts are rusted and weathered.
4. These cars are equipped with Sierra Valley 18" diameter metal wheel sets.
5. The side dump has a complete hand brake system including outside hung brake beams and brake shoes.
6. Standard couplers on these cars are SEC link and pins.
7. Kadee knuckle couplers (#835) are available for an additional $5.00.
8. Add $10.00 for shipping per order. (Covers up to two cars - UPS ground.)
9. California residents add 7.25% state sales tax.
10. These cars are 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.