Bachmann™ Ore Car Detailing Kits
Detailing Kits for Bachmann™ Side Dump Ore Cars
(Packaged in 3 car sets)

#1C-ULP  Unplated steel wheel sets with link and pin couplers                 $35.95
#1C-UKC Unplated steel wheel sets with Kadee™ couplers                    $40.95
#1C-BLP  Black oxide plated wheel sets with link and pin couplers          $43.95
#1C-BKC Black oxide plated wheel sets with Kadee™ couplers             $48.95

Bachmann's™ introduction of their side dump ore cars was a welcome addition to those of us who enjoy modeling little industrial railways. These 1:20.3 large scale models follow the basic dimensions and designs of a number of different cars produced by several manufactures in the United States. These models are fully operational and are very appealing to the eye. They do, however, have areas that could use some improvement if you want to model true 1:20.3 fine scale trains. That's what these detailing kits are all about.

The first thing you will probably notice is the Bachmann™ knuckle couplers appear to be too large for these little cars. Our kits replace these stock couplers with either scale link and pins, or smaller Kadee™ #1 knuckles. The Kadee™ couplers install at the correct height for magnetic operation. Both coupler conversions are fairly easy to accomplish, and we provide complete instructions and assembly sketches to help you through the installation process.

The next improvement involves replacing the large flange plastic wheel sets that come with these cars, with our fine scale metal wheel sets. Our metal wheel sets were designed specifically for the Bachmann™ side dump ore cars and they snap into place with very little effort. The design takes advantage of the journal bearings that Bachmann™ has installed in the side frames. With the added weight and lower center of gravity created by the metal wheel sets, these little cars track like a dream, as well as look great.

The detailing kits also provide replacement tie down chains and rings that are more in scale with these little cars. The chains that come with the cars appear much too course, and we feel they detract from the fine scale detail of the main frame. We include detailed white metal journal lids to round out the package.

Each kit has enough parts to detail three cars and includes the following:
    6 - Sierra Valley metal wheel sets. (Either plain steel or black oxide plating.)
    3 - Pair of couplers. (Either Hartford Products link & pins or Kadee™ #1 knuckles.)
    12 - Detailed white metal journal lids.
    12 - Brass eyelets, rings and scale chain. (Tie down chain material.)
    1 - Complete set of instructions and assembly sketches.

If desired, even more detailing may be added by the modeler. We set out to design these kits to improve operation and to take care of the basic out of scale issues. We feel our kits will help provide fine scale models with a minimum investment of time, effort and money.

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