Munger Mining Drum Car
DCE-9' Drum Car #M5
R-T-R $125.00

This nine foot long oil drum car is based on the FCE-9' wooden flat car. It is the first in some additional maintenance cars that have been requested by collectors of the "Munger Mining Co." series. This little oil drum car was inspired by Pete Thorpe who is the owner of Trackside Details located in San Luis Obispo, California. There were only supposed to be four cars in the M.M.Co. maintenance-of- way train but "by popular demand" we will produce at least three more cars. The three cars to be added to the train will be this oil drum car, a sand and gravel car (low side gondola) and a box car. There will probably be other additions to the line as time permits.

It was common practice, on small industrial mining and logging railroads, to convert or "shop build" maintenance-of-way cars such as this oil drum car. This maintenance car is no more than a basic flat car with a wooden cradle attached to the deck to hold three drums of lubricants. (Oil, Hydraulic Oil and Solvent.)

The oil drum car is typical of the equipment used on small industrial railroads from the 1870's well into the twentieth century. Like all the "Munger Mining Co." series, this car represents the general construction and railroad practices of the day, rather than a specific prototype.

1. The wood deck boards on the flat car are distressed and weathered hard wood.
2. The three 55 gallon drums are custom turned from aluminum bar stock for this car.
3. Details include drum spigot valves, drip pans, and an oil can.
4. All metal parts are rusted and weathered.
5. Each car is individually numbered in the order that it is produced or to your roster requirements.
6. All cars come with Sierra Valley 20" diameter metal wheel sets and Hartford Products sprung pedestals.
7. Outside hung brake beams and brake shoes are included.
8. Standard couplers are Hartford Products end sill mounted link and pins.
9. Modified Kadee knuckle couplers are available for an additional $5.00 per car.
    They are modified to be mounted into the link and pin drawhead.
10. Add $10.00 for shipping per order, (Covers up to three cars - UPS ground.)
11. California residents add 7.25% state sales tax.
12. These cars are 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

This oil drum car was reviewed in the following magazines:
    "Steam in the Garden" - May/June, 1998