Munger Mining
Porter Locomotive
0-4-0T Porter side tank locomotive
Coal burner, R-T-R $595.00 each
Wood burner, R-T-R $675.00 each

This little free-lanced locomotive was created by the Sierra Valley shops, to be used as motive power for the "Munger Mining Co.", and other industrial applications. The design is based on, and closely resembles a 12 ton Porter side tank steam locomotive in 1:20.3 scale. It is offered as either a wood burner, or as a coal burner, as was the prototype.

The engine begins life as a Bachmann Porter 0-4-0T. It is what Bachmann refers to as a "Spectrum" series locomotive. This engine has a significantly improved mechanism over the earlier version that was released several years ago. We tested the locomotive extensively, and found it to be so improved that we are using it as a starting point for our first commercially available motive power. As good as the newer mechanism is, we felt we could improve it. We contacted Barry Olsen of Barry's Big Trains, and had him turn down the driver flange height, and machine the driver tires to Sierra Valley standards. We also rotated the motor and remounted it vertically to allow for better clearance in the new superstructure.

The superstructure has been highly modified to produce a locomotive that is a smaller prototype, but in a larger scale. The original model from Bachmann represents an 18 ton Porter in 1:22.5 scale. The resized Sierra Valley version is a 12 ton Porter in 1:20.3 scale. We start by shortening the superstructure by more than two scale feet. This includes removing the back sand dome while shortening the boiler. We then cut down the length of the water tanks, remove part of the main frame between the steam chest and the front drivers, and move the cab location forward. The original plastic cab is highly modified for the coal burner or completely replaced with a laser cut wood cab for the wood burner. The front and rear beams and foot boards are replaced with real wood that has been distressed and weathered. The resulting locomotive is much more like those engines used on small mining and logging operations. The smaller locomotive is also more visually compatible with the size of the "Munger Mining Co." cars.

There are many details added to these engines to improve their appearance and authenticity. These detail castings are supplied by Trackside Details, Ozark Miniatures, and Little Railways.

These locomotives come complete with link and pin couplers, but they can be ordered with modified        Kadee knuckle couplers for an additional $5.00. The Kadee couplers are modified to pin directly into the link and pin draw heads. This allows you to set up for either type coupler at any time.

The locomotive is normally finished with a medium degree of weathering. It can , however, be ordered with no weathering to very heavy weathering depending on the type of railroad you are modeling. Each engine will be numbered in the order that it is produced, or with any number that fits your personal roster. Custom lettering is available at additional cost. Contact us with your specific needs and we will give you a quote.

Please add $15.00 per locomotive for packaging, shipping, and insurance. (UPS ground.) California residents should add 7.25% sales tax.