Munger Mining Rail Car
RCE-25' Rail Car #M8
R-T-R $205.00

We have added yet another maintenance car to the "Munger Mining Co." series. In this case it's actually two cars coupled together with a rooster. We have taken two of our basic 9 foot flat cars and converted them into a rail hauling car. This idea was given to us by Ben Bedford of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ben has collected all the Munger Mining series and this was an additional car he wanted for his layout. The finished model looked so good we decided to add it to the line.

Maintenance cars of this type were common on industrial railroads and were fairly easy for the "shop crew" to fabricate. All they had to do was make up a rooster from flat bar stock and build "bunks" that would carry the rails. These "bunks" would swivel on the decks of the flat cars as they negotiated curves. Add some hooks and chains to tie down the rails and you have a rail hauling car that could easily handle the sharp curves found on small industrial mining and logging railroads.

This car is typical of the shop built maintenance cars used on industrial railroads from the 1870's well into the twentieth century. Like the previous cars released in this series, this car follows the general construction and railroad practices of the day, rather than a specific prototype.

1. Flat car deck boards are distressed and weathered hard wood.
2. All metal parts are rusted and weathered.
3. The cars (2 flats with rooster) come with a load of 15 rusted rails. (Code 250)
4. Each rail load comes with two swiveling bunks that include hook and chain tie downs.
5. These cars are individually numbered in the order that they are produced or to your roster requirements.
6. All cars come with Sierra Valley 20" diameter metal wheel sets and Hartford Products sprung pedestals.
7. Outside hung brake beams and brake shoes are included.
8. Standard couplers are Hartford Products link and pins.
9. Modified Kadee knuckle couplers are available for an additional $5.00 per car.
    They are modified to be mounted into the link and pin drawhead.
10. Add $10.00 per rail car for shipping. (UPS ground.)
11. California residents add 7.25% state sales tax.
12. These cars are 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.